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Date: 2013-01-11 | Added by: defaultNick
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We actually were fanicg a natural disaster just this last January/February, but luckily (for us personally) it missed us. It didn't miss everyone though, and many many people have had their lives ruined from it - our Uncle and Aunty and one of their sons and his wife are some people who have lost everything, everything except each other. It was really scary in the lead up to the cyclone, but we were incredibly lucky compared to other people around the world in the way that we had warning. We had days to prepare for it, and in the end, only one person died in the aftermath of it. Knowing how lucky we were that we had warning should be a warning in itself for everyone - you don't always get to see it coming. In fact, you barely ever get to see it coming. You, of course are extra lucky that your own personal physic has forewarned you right down to the date ;)

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